Winter walks in the woods

This winter was punctuated with walks in the woods, usually outings on Wednesdays and Saturdays with the dog in the snow, thinning into sludge, yielding to the first blooming and blossoming of Springtime as a precocious thaw cast its colourful palet. There are quite a few pictures, hold on!


_1000099 _1000100 _1000103 _1000104 _1000105 _1000107 _1000112 _1000114 _1000116 _1000118 _1000121 _1000124 _1000126 _1000130 _1000137 _1000138 _1000148 _1000466 _1000468 _1000470 _1000474 _1000491 _1000502 _1000503 _1000514 _1000519 _1000521 _1000523 _1000524 _1000529 _1000530 _1000533 _1000534 _1000538 P1010186 P1010189 P1010190 P1010193 P1010194 P1010196 P1010198 P1010201 P1010205 P1010207 P1010215 P1010259 P1010278 P1010281 P1010284 P1010299 P1010300 P1010302 P1010315 P1010320 P1010322 P1010324 P1010325 P1010326 P1010327 P1010328 P1010329 P1010330 P1010332 P1010339 P1010365 P1010378 P1010387 P1010388 P1010390 P1010391 P1010392 P1010393 P1010394 P1010395 P1010396 P1010398 P1010400 P1010404 P1010406 P1010407 P1010408 P1010413 P1010414 P1010416

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