A last walk with Dago

Before leaving for Montreal on April 30th, I had a last long farewell walk with Dago, whom I’ll be back to late September for some new woody adventures.

Here you’ll see a glimpse of the forest’s psychedelic side: tree trunks that turn into crocodiles, rhinos and bears, pockets of mist that freeze your lungs and raise the hairs on your forearms, narrow paths meandering into unchartered valleys the dominion of mother nature.

P1010498 P1010499 P1010500 P1010501 P1010502 P1010503 P1010504 P1010505 P1010506 P1010507 P1010508 P1010512 P1010514 P1010515 P1010516 P1010517 P1010519 P1010520 P1010521 P1010522 P1010523 P1010525 P1010529 P1010536 P1010539 P1010540 P1010541 P1010542 P1010543 P1010544 P1010545 P1010546 P1010547 P1010548 P1010549 P1010550 P1010551 P1010552 P1010554 P1010559 P1010582 P1010592 P1010594 P1010595 P1010596 P1010600 P1010601 P1010602 P1010603 P1010604 P1010605 P1010606 P1010607 P1010609 P1010610 P1010611 P1010613 P1010614

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