Montreal in May

A first batch of pictures of my wanderings in the streets. Many views of Parc Extension, the colourful immigrant neighbourhood I’m living in. Montreal reminds me of places like Peckham a little.

P1010626 P1010627 P1010628 P1010629 P1010631 P1010634 P1010635 P1010636 P1010637 P1010639 P1010641 P1010642 P1010643 P1010644 P1010645 P1010649 P1010656 P1010654 P1010657 P1010659 P1010663 P1010668 P1010672 P1010675 P1010689 P1010691 P1010696 P1010702 P1010703 P1010705 P1010706 P1010709 P1010710 P1010711 P1010712 P1010713 P1010714 P1010715 P1010716 P1010717 P1010718 P1010720

P1010722 P1010724 P1010725 P1010727 P1010728 P1010732 P1010736 P1010739 P1010753 P1010761 P1010763 P1010764 P1010765 P1010766 P1010767 P1010768 P1010769 P1010771 P1010772 P1010775 P1010779 P1010784 P1010785 P1010786 P1010788 P1010790 P1010796 P1010797 P1010799 P1010800 P1010804 P1010805 P1010808 P1010810 P1010820 P1010822 P1010825 P1010826 P1010827 P1010830 P1010831 P1010832 P1010834 P1010838-2 P1010839 P1010841 P1010894 P1010899 P1010913 P1010915 P1010925 P1010926 P1010928 P1010934 P1010935 P1010944 P1010946 P1010948 P1010949

P1010951 P1010953 P1010954 P1010955 P1010956 P1010957 P1010958 P1010959 P1010960 P1010962 P1010963 P1010965 P1010966 P1010969 P1010973 P1010976 P1010977 P1010985 P1010986 P1010988 P1010998

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