The beautiful defeat

Last month I went to see a game at the stadium at Montreal. France versus Germany, the quarter finals of the women’s football world cup. I hadn’t seen a game of football since 2009 and I’d never seen any female teams play before. It was gracious and epic. France clearly dominated the game and scored after half time. But an unfortunate hand ball resulted in a penalty awarded to Germany. They scored the equaliser and managed to pull through extra time to attain what, to them, is chartered territory: penalty kicks. By then my battery run out but France stood their own, only loosing 4 to 5, on the very last penalty kick. Sheer suspense. Like the French saying goes, “football is a game that’s played eleven a side, and at the end, Germany wins”!

P1030699-2 P1030700-2 P1030705-2 P1030707-2 P1030709-2 P1030715-2 P1030723-2 P1030724-2 P1030727-2 P1030734-2 P1030740-2 P1030742-2 P1030744-2 P1030748-2 P1030750-2 P1030752-2 P1030753-2 P1030755-2 P1030762-2 P1030766-2 P1030775-2 P1030779-2 P1030782-2 P1030792-2 P1030793-2 P1030794-2 P1030795-2 P1030797-2 P1030799-2 P1030800-2 P1030809-2 P1030810-2 P1030817-2 P1030820-2

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