Late July, Connecticut

This summer I finally got the chance to visit my American friends Dan and Georgette in Connecticut. A welcome break from Montreal’s urban jungle. Brooks, parks, lakes, traditional, wooden-slatted New England houses and the benevolence of my hosts made the stay all too short.

P1040064 P1040071 P1040072 P1040074 P1040076 P1040089 P1040087 P1040086 P1040084 P1040078 P1040091 P1040092 P1040093 P1040095 P1040098 P1040099 P1040100 P1040102 P1040104 P1040105 P1040143 P1040117 P1040116 P1040109 P1040107 P1040146 P1040166 P1040171 P1040175 P1040181 P1040190 P1040188 P1040185 P1040184 P1040183 P1040206 P1040223 P1040242 P1040244 P1040251 P1040267 P1040266 P1040265 P1040263 P1040262 P1040268 P1040270 P1040269 P1040275 P1040282 P1040281 P1040280 P1040279 P1040278 P1040283 P1040284 P1040285 P1040287 P1040288 P1040289 P1040290 P1040292 P1040293 P1040295 P1040296 P1040297 P1040298


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