Woods and mountains a year ago

I held on to these pictures, waiting to put them online, and now that Christmas is nearing, this is a little taste of where I’ll be spending mine.

imgp6653 imgp6652 imgp6649 imgp6648 imgp6644 imgp6642 imgp6640 imgp6637 imgp6635 imgp0282 imgp0280 imgp0278 imgp0277 imgp0273 imgp0270 imgp0268 imgp0265b imgp0263 imgp0262 imgp0259 imgp0258 imgp0257b imgp0256 imgp0253b imgp0251b imgp0248 imgp0224 imgp0223 imgp0221 imgp0216 imgp0214 imgp0213 imgp0212 imgp0211 imgp0210 imgp0209 imgp0208 imgp0207 imgp0206 imgp0205 imgp0203 imgp0202 imgp0201 imgp0199 imgp0196 imgp0190 imgp0189 imgp0186 imgp0183 imgp0179 imgp0175 imgp0174 imgp0172 imgp0168 imgp0167 imgp0166 imgp0165 imgp0164 imgp0163 imgp0161 imgp0159 imgp0156 imgp0155 imgp0154 imgp0153 imgp0152 imgp0151 imgp0149 imgp0145 imgp0143   imgp0098 imgp0095 imgp0094 imgp0093 imgp0092 imgp0090 imgp0088 imgp0084 imgp0083 imgp0081 imgp0079 imgp0075 imgp0074 imgp0073 imgp0072bb imgp0072b imgp0060 imgp0058 imgp0052 imgp0051 imgp0049 imgp0039 imgp0036 imgp0034 imgp0033 imgp0028 imgp0026 imgp0023 imgp0022 imgp0015 imgp0014 imgp0013 imgp0012 imgp0010 imgp0009 _img1287 _img1286 _img1284 _img1274 _img1273 _img1272

imgp0139imgp0137imgp0133imgp0130imgp0128imgp0127imgp0124imgp0122imgp0118imgp0104 _img1271 _img1248 _img1243 _img1241 _img1240 _img1238 _img1237 _img1236 _img1235 _img1232 _img1227 _img1224 _img1220


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