Uphill adventure with Sacha

A few days after Christmas Sacha and I went cycling up the northern flanks of the Vercors, close to Valence. We made it to the windy, foggy Col des Limouches. A few pictures.

imgp7397 imgp7398 imgp7399 imgp7400 imgp7403 imgp7406 imgp7408 imgp7410 imgp7411 imgp7412 imgp7413 imgp7414 imgp7415 imgp7416 imgp7417 imgp7418 imgp7419 imgp7420 imgp7421 imgp7422 imgp7425 imgp7426 imgp7428 imgp7429 imgp7430 imgp7431 imgp7432 imgp7433 imgp7434 imgp7437 imgp7438 imgp7440 imgp7441 imgp7442 imgp7443 imgp7445 imgp7450 imgp7451 imgp7460 imgp7464 imgp7467 imgp7468 imgp7471 imgp7474 imgp7477 imgp7483 imgp7487 imgp7490 imgp7492 imgp7496 imgp7508imgp7516 imgp7521


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