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Shake a bone is a song from the album of the same name by the Canadian blues artist Son of Dave, a great musician I discovered while listening to the soundtrack of an equally great tv series, Breaking Bad.

I listen to a lot of music and play it in my head through the day when I’m off cycling or walking somewhere. These couple of years I’ve gone on long walks or jogs with my mom’s golden retriever, Dago. On one of these outings, it all fit together. I had a first few pictures, a blog project and a name for it.

Whatever Son of Dave’s drift was, the song’s name alludes to many things, one of them is doing a bit of exercise, getting the old bones moving, and coincidentally, a bone for a dog, or else a stick. The song itself is an engaging, steady pacing blues act with raucous vocals and bare bone harmonica that throws up images of drinking houses rough round the edges thriving with warm, scruffy patrons. A scruffiness identical to Dago’s, the dog that raves on cheese crusts, reacts ecstatically to the word “cat”, bathes in puddles darker than coal and drools over all things below waist level. Not to mention an addiction to bones, sticks and balls.

At this point I’d also like to mention that most photos here were taken with a Pentax Q + 8.5mm lens (equivalent to a 50mm). Other cameras used, an Olympus OM-40 with a 28mm lens (the Connecticut Roll), and a Pentax K-7 with the kit lens, a 28mm and a 50mm (only recently acquired).


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